Child pornography

Article 348Α


1. Any person who, intentionally produces, distributes, publishes, imports or exports, transfers, offers, sells or in other way distributes, supplies with, purchases, obtains, acquires or owns child pornographic material or spreads or broadcasts information concerning executions of such actions, is sentenced to at least one year’s imprisonment and a fine of ten to one  hundred thousand Euros.


2. Any person, who intentionally, produces, offers, sells or in any way distributes, transfers, purchases, obtains or acquires child pornographic material or broadcasts information concerning the executions of such actions through a computer system or through the Internet is sentenced to at least two years’ imprisonment and a fine of fifty to three hundred thousand Euros.


3. Pornographic material in the sense of the above mentioned paragraphs consists of any representation or an actual or virtual depiction, in electronic or any other form of material, of the body of or part of the body of a minor, aimed at causing sexual stimulation, as well as a recording or depiction of an actual or virtual carnal act that arises sexual stimulation by or with a minor.


4. Actions of the first and second paragraph are punishable by imprisonment of up to ten years and a fine of fifty to one hundred thousand Euros if:

  •     are professionally or habitually committed”,
  •     “the production of child pornographic material is connected to the exploiting of the need, mental or intellectual weakness or corporal dysfunction of the minor due to organic disease or by exercise or threat of violence or using a minor under the age of fifteen”.

If such an act as describe in case b) resulted in grievous bodily harm to the victim, it will entail a sentence of at least ten years' imprisonment and a fine of one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand Euros. If, however, such an act resulted in the victim’s death, then life imprisonment is imposed.”